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Staying at home and witnessing incomes subside surely doesn’t feel good, which is a reality during the current pandemic. While the traditional source of income may have diminished, there are a lot of other things that one can do to make some money staying at home. Here are some avenues for making money online while staying at home. With an abundance of time on hands, one can try out one of the following to get started.

1. Start a blog: This is the best time to get started with a niche blog. While it will take some time to grow, people are consuming content more than ever from their homes now. The blog can extend paid collaborations for linking, advertising and other ways to generate decent revenue. Best Website to start up click here In presents days every is showing more interest in earning money from online, especially from blogs and are thinking to start the blog and earn money. This article is about how to start the blog and what steps should be followed after starting a blog and how to maintain a proper blog.

There are 7 steps to start a blog and maintain it properly they are mentioned below:

1. Start your own blog -First Create a website – Want to create best website at very Low cost –Click here 

2. Start post your content

3. Gather organic traffic to your website. Drive Traffic from this website CLICK HERE 

4. Gather a group of members in your brand

5. Now start selling ads and earn money

6. You can earn money by selling your own products

7. Earn money by affiliating marketing The above steps looks so simple, but these are two types that is one seems to be straight forward and other seems to be some what tricky. As to manage this blog we should have proper knowledge, tools and patience.

2. Be Freelance and buy freelancing service from here and Earn: CLICK TO JOIN FROM HERE If you are a writer, coder, artist or one with any skills that you can relay online, freelancing is a great option. Just update your social media profiles, especially LinkedIn with what you are offering and look out for clients. Set your rates and earn money at your own terms.

3. Try affiliate marketing If you are up for learning a few savvy skills of setting up an affiliate marketing gateway, you can earn some really good money. You can employ this either through blogs, a YouTube channel or any other site where you can use an affiliate link and make a portion for each purchase through your link. Monetizing your skills online isn’t as hard as you think it is. Just make sure to have an organized approach with whatever you choose to start and bring in local customers for your directed service. Anything you start will take some time to start running smoothly. So, get on the band wagon, have patience and put in the work to make decent bucks online. Start today! YOU CAN take service from this Link to gain traffic .CLICK HERE 

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